Fees are quoted on a weekly basis and vary by position and skill level needed for the job. The length of the agreement varies based on how long it takes to fill a vacant position or for special projects, how many contractors are used and how quickly the hotel wants to complete a task. In most cases, it takes from two weeks to three months to find the ideal candidate to fill a Director level position.

But your hotel does not make a long-term financial commitment with . An assignment may be cancelled with only one week's notice. The minimum assignment is one week, with a few exceptions.

All fees are paid to with the initial fee being paid five business days prior to the start of the assignment. Fees are never paid by the hotel directly to the contractor.

Contractors who are asked to work more than the agreed daily or weekly hours are either given comp time or are paid at a premium rate for the additional hours.

The hotel has the option of hiring a contractor on a full time basis. If this occurs within 12 months of the conclusion of an assignment, the hotel pays a recruiting fee to . If it occurs more than 12 months after an assignment, there is no fee.

  • Sales
  • Catering
  • Marketing
  • Due Diligence

Pricing for the above projects will be quoted per person for the estimated length of the project based on location, size of the hotel and complexity.