Special Projects

The reality in Sales and Catering departments is that we sometimes fall off our customer's "radar screen" and they sometimes fall off ours. Whether it is due to redeployment, turnover, two managers each thinking the other was handling the account, or simple neglect, we stop calling them. The trace date passes and they stop coming up for action and follow up. We don't keep up with them, contacts change, business changes. Over a period of six to twelve months they become inactive or "dead files." In as little as two years, we have a database that is 30%-60% out of date and inaccurate.

If this is a similar scenario in your hotel, your database needs to be cleaned up and the good accounts need to get back on the radar screen and truly dead accounts need to be permanently inactivated. But cleaning a database is not what you pay your high salaried Sales Managers to do. You pay them to find and close business. can do this for you. We contact your past, inactive customers, update the contact information, determine if they have potential and those that do, enable them to receive solicitation from your property. You can choose to send them direct mail, email, advertise or telephone calls. Re-connecting with your past customers is critical! You need to win them back and regain their business.

The first step is to make positive contact and get the current name and contact information of the decision makers. Then determine if the customer is still viable and has business that we want. If not, retire the account. If so, then put them back on the radar screen and take action to win back their business.


Our telemarketing contactors are actually seasoned hotel Sales people who will call on your "inactive and dead file," accounts that haven't been contacted in six to twelve months or longer. We call them and determine who the current contact is for group, catering and individual travel. We speak with those individuals and qualify their business. If there is business potential now or in the future, we let you know and assign the appropriate trace date and sales person. Our experience shows that 8%-10% of the companies we call on (that previously did business with your hotel) will have immediate potential business. These customers would be called by your Sales Managers within two hours.

This process is repeated until we have contacted all of the accounts given to us. The next step is to use the new, clean data to solicit either by telephone, email, direct mail or some combination of all three. Direct mail and email blast are most effective when sent three to five times. Following up with direct contact is the next critical step. In our conversations with the customer we ask how they prefer to be contacted (email, telephone or other) and it would be in the hotel's best interest to honor that preference. Contact needs to be made and ask what business they have that the hotel can accommodate. This puts them back into an active status and your hotel on their "radar screen."

The hotel can facilitate the direct mail or email effort as well as the follow up or it can assign any portion of that to . Regardless of who does it, the 30%-60% of your "inactive accounts" have to be re-contacted and reactivated.

Sales Blitz

Our Sales Team can organize a Sales Blitz in your backyard. Working with your team, we can set appointments for a concentrated sales call program of going out to meet face to face with your customers who have been pre-qualified as having business that you want. The purpose is to further qualify their business, build a trust relationship and get them to schedule a site inspection fo your hotel. In that site inspection, they would review the capabilities of the hotel, meet the GM and Executive Team and give the staff the opportunity to WOW the customer. A well organized Sales Blitz is a powerful selling tool. Your team can do it or can assist or coordinate, entirely.

Sales Trip to Major Feeder Cities

Similar to the Sales Blitz is an out of town Sales Trip to accounts in your major feeder cities. Face to face contact with your existing and potential customers is more valuable today than ever before. Building "trust" relationships, understanding the customer's needs and desires, demonstrating that your hotel, more than any other, can best accommodate the customer's needs. These are the things you can accomplish by making a Sales Trip. Sales budgets have been reduced, taking this valuable selling tool away from many Sales Managers. Instead of taking it away, the GM should schedule two Sales Trips each year, one with the DOS and one with a Sales Manager to your best accounts.

Scheduling and prioritizing calls are most important. The highest priority calls should include breakfast, lunch, dinner or some form of entertainment. This gives you and the customer time to get to know each other; to give the customer the feeling of wanting to work with you. Scheduling (geographic concentration) is also important. can work with your team to set up your first trip.

FAM Trips

Bringing to your hotel or resort your strongest prospects and tentative accounts in small groups of 8-10 people is one of the most powerful actions you can take to close the business. FAM Trips are usually thought of as groups from out of the area but they can also be for local accounts. Nothing stops you from doing a FAM for high potential local prospects. FAM's are typically used to sell the destination in conjunction with the features and benefits of your property vs. the competition. Most FAM Trips can be accomplished in two-nights and three days. They can be expensive but done correctly they pay back their cost many, many times in ROI.

can work with your Sales Team on the first one, show them how it is done and your team can do successive trips on their own.