Taskforce Staffing

provides temporary staffing to hotels and resorts in the areas of Sales, Sales Management, Catering, Conference/Convention Services, Revenue Management and Operations. We fill vacancies as well as short-term augmentation of your team's efforts to restore or increase booking levels due to weakness in the economy or aggressive actions by the comp set.

Director of Sales

Our DOS contractors have a minimum of ten years of Hotel Sales and five years of DOS experience. They provide leadership and direction to your team and use their selling skills to teach and lead by example. They help your team to prospect, present your hotel, overcome objections and close business. If your desire is that they take an active roll in solicitation, they will do that as well.

Sales Manager

Our Sales Manager contractors have a minimum of five years selling experience in either Group Corporate, Association, SMERF, Government, Tour & Travel or Incentive. We also have specialists for the Individual Business Traveler, Wholesale/FIT and Leisure Markets. All have worked with Delphi and other Sales Automation systems.

Revenue Management

Our Revenue Managers work with the DOS and GM to insure that rate strategies are in place for both short-term and long-term revenue Maximization. E-commerce relationships are maintained (or established) with key players (Hotels.com, Priceline.com, Travelocity, etc.) so that the hotel is positioned to get every available room night that it wants. This position can be fulfilled remotely in many situations, reducing the cost.

Director of Catering

Our DOC contractors have a minimum of seven years of catering experience and three years as a DOC. They understand the need to train and lead the Catering Managers while handling the largest and most important clients, personally. They understand forecasting and the critical relationships with the Banquet Manager/Capitan, the F&B Director and the Chef.

Catering Manager

Our Catering Manager contractors are skilled in selling and servicing business. They have a minimum of three years experience in Catering Sales or Conference Services.

Conference/Convention Services Managers

Our Conference/Convention Services Manager contractors have a minimum of three years experience. In some cases, we use Independent Meeting Planners who came from operational backgrounds in hotels and who understand the CS role from both the hotel's and the customer's perspective.

Operational Departments

We have contractors with specialties in Food & Beverage, Rooms Division, Housekeeping, Engineering and Accounting. We provide Director and Manager level individuals and some line level employees.