If your Sales Team has not had formal training or refresher training in the last two years, they may be out of date. Every Sales Manager needs to understand and use the entire Sales Process. We offer formal classroom programs as well as one on one, on the job Hotel Sales Training.

Sales and Catering Manager Training Programs include:

  • Prospecting, Including Traditional and Non-Traditional Sources
  • Qualifying Accounts to Determine Their True Potential
  • Probing, asking the right questions
  • Effective Listening and Response
  • Presenting your hotel orally, in writing and electronically
  • Negotiating in Both Buyer and Seller Markets
  • Addressing and Overcoming Objections
  • Closing: Asking for the Business
  • Multi-Year Contract
  • Rebooking the second, third and subsequent pieces of business
  • Getting referrals for other departments in the customer's organization
  • Developing trust relationships and transforming them into additional business